Zhaoming Yin

I grew up in Hengyang, a middle size city in the province of Hunan, China. After 18 years living with my parents, I went out my home town for the first time in my life to Changsha and had a joyful undergraduate study in Hunan University learning Software Engineering. After that I spent 3 years in Peking University under the supervision of Shiwen Yu for NLP research. Then I headed for Atlanta at GaTech and earned my PhD degree under Prof. David A. Bader in the area of combinatorial research for bioinformatics and graph analysis. My software engineering career started late at the age of 29, and I get my first job at Oracle in the Bay area working on Golden Gate, a data base replication software. 2 and half years later, I moved back to China and live in Hangzhou, and worked in Alibaba Cloud on ODPS – a big data platform. After a short stint in TRIAS Lab working on Leviatom and StreamNet project (also see website, Ether-Monkey). I now work for Google on Android Automotive OS system.