Talks and presentations

Leviatom demo

April 23, 2019

Talk, Presented to Oxford AM, Hangzhou, China

This video is about the general concept of Leviatom

Data possess

December 10, 2018

Tutorial, TRIAS tech talk series, Hangzhou, China

This is the talk about the data possesion protocols.

ODPS security mechanism

July 15, 2018

Talk, Alibaba Cloud MVP Series, Hangzhou, China

This talk is about the mechanisms of ODPS security

One Way Replication with SCA

February 01, 2016

Talk, Oracle internal talk, Redwood Shores, USA

This talk is about how to deploy a SCA test infrastructure.

Oraber, A Carpool Software

May 01, 2015

Talk, Oracle Hackathon, San Francisco, CA

This talk is about the final design & implementation of Oraber, a car pooling software. This talk win the honorable metion award.

Lin-Kernighan Heuristic DCJ Talk

August 04, 2014

Talk, COCOON 14, Atlanta, USA

This talk is about how to calculate DCJ median using Lin-Kernighan Heuristic algorithm.

PhD defense talk

March 25, 2014

PhD Defense talk, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

This is the summary of my 3 and half year phd study.

Parallel Graph Analytics

August 01, 2013

Talk, Intel Labs internal talk, Santa Clara, CA

This talk is about how to apply intel MIC to perform graph analytics.

ICCS 13 talk

June 03, 2013

Talk, ICCS 13, Barcelona, Spain

This talk is about how to utilize streaming graph analysis method to accelerate the DCJ median algorithm.

IPDPS 10 Talk

May 04, 2010

Talk, IPDPS 10, Atlanta, USA

This talk is about how to use viterbi algorithm to calculate gene matching